Tutu Baby Oil Sachets  3 x 30 packs
Tutu Baby Oil Sachets  3 x 30 packs

Tutu Baby Oil Sachets 3 x 30 packs

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3 x 30 sachets per packs
Used for Preterm infants in Neo Natal Units in West Australian hospitals
TUTU BABY OIL is a delicate baby oil for skin, hair and well being. 100% natural and organic plant-based oil, specifically developed to moisturise and protect baby’s delicate skin without using chemical. Does not contain mineral oil, perfume or chemicals making it the best choice for mothers looking for natural alternatives to their baby’s health.
TUTU BABY OIL is soothing, rich in lauric acid (as found in Mother’s milk) and safe for delicate baby’s skin.
Recent **clinical trials in West Australia has been proven TUTU BABY OIL to be safe for very
preterm infants and assisted in maintaining a healthy skin condition. 
Ideal for adding to baby’ bath and when changing nappies. Can be massaged into hair and body.
 **COSI study clinical results have been published online: Topical Coconut Oil in very Preterm Infants: An Open-Label Randomised Controlled Trial. Strunk, T., Pupala, S., Hibbert, J., Doherty, D., & Patole, S. (2017).